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UE4: Reference to Default Subobject Of

~ 2 minute read.

Blue­print ver­i­fi­ca­tion er­rors are in­ter­est­ing. Es­pe­cial­ly if while cook­ing or sav­ing the ed­i­tor spits out “BP[…] con­tains in­valid da­ta” which leaves you pret­ty clue­less.

You will find, though, that …

Standard and User-Defined Conversions

~ 3 minute read.

I just came across a sur­pris­ing bug in my code which I did not ex­pect to cause any prob­lem at all. The sim­pli­fied code goes like this:

void foo(const std::string& str) { printf("string!"); }

          void foo(const bool b) { printf("bool!"); }

          // ...

          foo("0 …
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