Business Plan

~ 1:30 Minute Read.

A small anec­dote re­gard­ing the re­cent of­fice view­ing for Vhite Rab­bit.

Since these of­fices are part of a start­up as­sist­ing in­sti­tu­tion, the of­fices are avail­able to pret­ty amaz­ing con­di­tions. You do, how­ev­er, need to hand in a busi­ness plan—main­ly to avoid non-start­up com­pa­nies leach­ing off of the con­cept, I guess.

At Vhite Rab­bit we have been main­tain­ing such a busi­ness plan for prob­a­bly three years now, more or less ac­tive­ly. It sig­nif­i­cant­ly changed re­peatid­ly over the years, but nev­er re­al­ly got a lot of at­ten­tion. Now that we re­quired it for get­ting an of­fice, though, we put quite some ef­fort in­to it!

It com­prised 24 pages on Sun­day evening… un­til I re­al­ized that the com­mon length for such a doc­u­ment is 8-10 pages. On Mon­day it was 12.

Re­al­ly, though, it got a lot more con­cise thanks to that short­en­ing un­der time pres­sure. It would have been way hard­er to cut it this rad­i­cal­ly if I had the time to think about how much time I spent writ­ing the parts that I cut away. In­stead it was like rip­ping a band-aid, heh.

Writ­ten in 11 min­utes, ed­it­ed in 2 min­utes.