Epic Ray Floor Rendering

This is an old ar­ti­cle from 2013. I was a kid. I learned a lot since then, so please do think twice when tak­ing ad­vice from me as a kid.

I did some work on Epic Ray to­day. I re­frac­tored the ren­der­ing sys­tem to how it was meant orig­i­nal­ly (most of the code was make-shift, just to have some­thing on the screen). Al­so, there is a depth­buffer now :)

Ep­i­cRay now sup­ports floor and ceil­ing col­or ren­der­ing (no tex­tures just of yet), and the im­ple­men­ta­tion of masked wall tex­tures and fog are now pos­si­ble! :)

As a remider: the project is open source and can be down­load­ed from GitHub here.

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