In Denial of my Inner Data Scientist

~ 1.5 Minute Read.

Af­ter work­ing on the KN­IME An­a­lyt­ics Plat­form and KN­IME Im­age Pro­cess­ing ex­ten­sions for over five years as a stu­dent em­ploy­ee, I some­how pas­sive­ly aqcuired some da­ta sci­ence knowl­edge with­out ev­er ex­press­ing re­al in­ter­est for it.

I am a com­put­er graph­ics guy. That’s what I love do­ing! And if I can vis­it my cre­ations thanks to vir­tu­al or aug­ment­ed re­al­i­ty, even bet­ter.

There is a cer­tain fas­ci­na­tion about da­ta that I ex­pe­ri­ence, though, when I can make use of that for my­self. Let it be the log file an­a­lyt­ics I wrote for this blog post just re­cent­ly—since I spare you the down­load of the google an­a­lyt­ics script, but am still in­ter­est­ed in which blog posts do bet­ter. Now I get a dai­ly email with my top blog posts and ac­cessed files from the last 24 hours for ex­am­ple, en­tire­ly with­out google an­a­lyt­ics! 1

In an up­com­ing blog post I will de­scribe how I used python and pan­das to write this script.

I see an­a­lyt­ics as a way to get feed­back; they can tell you how to im­prove if used wise­ly. Wise­ly can­not be over­stat­ed in da­ta sci­ence… you can cre­ate il­lu­sions for your­self re­al­ly eas­i­ly. De­civ­ing your­self is still bet­ter than de­ceiv­ing oth­ers, though.

Writ­ing my an­a­lyt­ics my­self keeps them in my head, though. Since I know the guts of the ta­ble I get pre­sent­ed my sub­con­cious mind will even­tu­al­ly find po­ten­tial mis­takes if they ex­ist… and I know ex­act­ly what to read from them and what not.

But no, I’m a com­put­er graph­ics guy and this da­ta stuff is just a prac­ti­cal ev­ery now and then thing.

This is su­per cus­tom and I know what’s go­ing on, I do re­al­ize there may be ready so­lu­tions for some­thing like this out there.

Writ­ten in 15 min­utes, ed­it­ed in 10 min­utes.