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Comfort Zone

~ 2 Minute Read.

I strug­gle with leav­ing my com­fort zone. That’s that com­fy feel­ing of be­ing safe and do­ing what you al­ready know how to do, it’s easy, ef­fort­less and… most­ly risk­less. And that is nor …

Determinism and Choice

~ 5 Minute Read.

One of my foun­da­tion­al be­liefs in life that in­flu­ence my view of the world is de­ter­min­ism.

As a hu­man be­ing I un­der­stand cause-ef­fect re­la­tion­ship: if I throw my plate on …

Passion Day

~ 1.5 Minute Read.

Pas­sion day is a con­cept I came up with be­cause I had ideas I want­ed to work on, but didn’t ac­tu­al­ly find the time to do so. My think­ing was “lat­er, once I fin­ished all …

Passion Pill

~ 2.5 Minute Read.

What the pas­sion pill can do for you:

  • Abil­i­ty to work 6 hours more af­ter 8 hours of oth­er work
  • Strong in­ter­est in an ac­tiv­i­ty which over­rules in­ter­est in oth­er ad­dict …

Time Investing

< 2 Minute Read.

Is there a (re­al­is­tic) skill do you wish you had? What is it?

This ques­tion I ask peo­ple of­ten even in more ca­su­al con­ver­sa­tions, be­cause it not on­ly gives me an idea of their …

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