Natural Selection

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This blog post is about an ap­par­ent pat­tern that pops out to me over and over again. It is very spec­u­la­tive and gen­er­al­izes a lot to em­pha­size a point. The bold claims and state­ments I make here may be “by en­large true”, but nowhere near per­fect, po­ten­tial­ly not event sig­nif­i­cant. They serve as ex­am­ples to il­lus­trate an ab­tract idea.

E.g. “Trees are green” is a pret­ty false claim which serves as an em­pha­sis and sim­pli­fi­ca­tion as it is not my point and hides the fact that cher­ry trees blos­som in a beau­ti­ful light pink.

Why do many top pro­duc­tive peo­ple med­i­tate? Why do suc­cess­ful peo­ple of­ten have at­trac­tive part­ners? Why are there so many ripped en­trepreneurs and what is it about good sales peo­ple that they are all so charm­ing?

There seems to be a com­mon con­cep­tion that wom­en are at­tract­ed to wealth. While I find this to­tal­ly un­der­standible in and of it­self, maybe this is a false cor­re­la­tion and in­stead they are at­tract­ed to am­bi­tion and con­fi­dence that is a nec­es­sary premise to achiev­ing wealth?