Passion Day

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Pas­sion day is a con­cept I came up with be­cause I had ideas I want­ed to work on, but didn’t ac­tu­al­ly find the time to do so. My think­ing was “lat­er, once I fin­ished all this oth­er stuff”, as in try to work ahead to then have the time to work on such a pas­sion project.

I don’t know for how long I had been do­ing this, but it turns out that you nev­er get to “fin­ished all this oth­er stuff”. There is al­ways new oth­er stuff that needs to be fin­ished first.

Hence “Pas­sion Day”: Take one day (in my cas­es it start­ed with hol­i­days) on which you work on noth­ing else than a small self-con­tained pas­sion project. It is sur­pris­ing­ly easy to es­cape obli­ga­tions for a day. On­ly rarely you can­not ex­cuse your­self with “I need that day for my­self” — es­pe­cial­ly if it’s a hol­i­day.

If you found your pas­sion, you will not re­gret tak­ing this time and maybe hav­ing more stress af­ter­wards. My last pas­sion day projects can be found on GitHub and I will write a blog post about each even­tu­al­ly:

Take some time off for your pas­sion, if you have found it al­ready.

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