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Rendering Text!

I some­how feel hap­py about fi­nal­ly be­ing able to ren­der Text ;)image0

I’m us­ing the Freetype Li­brary and OpenGL. I thought about us­ing SDL TTF, but some­how I end­ed up de­cid­ing on this :)

This post was im …

back-face culling

I re­cent­ly found a tu­to­ri­al on back-face culling. It means telling OpenGL not to draw in­vis­i­ble faces (faces on the back side ;) ) of a mesh, which does speed up the ren­der­ing a lot.

I was look­ing for some­thing …

Mouselook and SDL - Code

Okay, here is some code for mouselook with SDL

struct {
              int x, y;
              //In this case: the position where the mouse is held at
              bool trap; //flag for holding mouse at one place
          } mouse;

          void MouseMotion(){
              /\* Set x and y to the current mouse position \*/
              int x, y;
              SDL_GetMouseState(&x …

Mineshooter with SDL…

Al­most done with rewrit­ing Mi­neshoot­er to work with the Sim­ple Di­rect­Me­dia Lay­er Li­brary. Still have a few prob­lems with the mouselook, but I should be able to work out a so­lu­tion very soon.

SDL is quite sim …

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