The Un­re­al En­gine Ad­vanced Test­ing Plug­in is now live on the Un­re­al En­gine Mar­ket­place!

Last time I men­tioned the plug­in in my UE4 Au­to­ma­tion Test­ing guide, I ex­pect­ed to “sim­ply” pub­lish it to the mar­ket­place. I un­der­es­ti­mat­ed that it takes a cou­ple of re­view it­er­a­tions to get con­tent pub­lished there, though. But that is a good thing! The mar­ket­place seems to be well cu­rat­ed.

I start­ed work­ing on this plug­in rough­ly 7 months ago to make writ­ing au­to­ma­tion tests more con­ve­nient. Be­cause if it’s not con­ve­nient to write tests, you will sim­ply not do it. And tests are im­por­tant, they low­er your main­te­nance costs.

One of the is­sues I was most an­noyed with was that tests were not be­ing hot reload­ed. I spent way to many hours on find­ing out why, but now the plug­in us­es a work­around I found that makes your tests eas­i­ly hot reload­able by us­ing a dif­fer­ent macro to de­clare your au­to­ma­tion test and a spe­cial Mod­ule im­ple­men­ta­tion for the mod­ule that con­tains your tests.

Note: be aware that this plug­in may even­tu­al­ly get open sourced in 6-12 months, please get it to ei­ther sup­port me or if you re­al­ly think it is use­ful, oth­er­wise you might aswell wait. If you want to use it non-com­mer­cial­ly or get a ver­sion for eval­u­a­tion, you’ll find a way to con­tact me :)

Get­ting Start­ed

In case you de­cide to get the plug­in (it is cur­rent­ly priced at ~45€), you should start with the hot reload­able test in Source/Private/Test/ and then look at the main head­er AdvancedTesting.h. It is thor­ough­ly doc­u­ment­ed in­clud­ing code ex­am­ples.

An­oth­er place to go for in­struc­tions is my UE4 Au­to­ma­tion Test­ing guide. In the Ad­vanced Test­ing sub­sec­tion you will find an ex­am­ple on how to use the AddInlineLatentCommand() func­tion.

Writ­ten in 30 min­utes, ed­it­ed in 10 min­utes.