~ 2 Minute Read.

To­day—for what­ev­er rea­son—I re­mem­bered that I start­ed writ­ing a sto­ry called “Wel­tende­sign­er” (Ger­man for “World De­sign­er”) when I was a kid.

I guess this was a Ma­trix in­spired sto­ry, but from the out­side in: The sto­ry starts off with some kid who ends up be­ing the first tester for a huge chain of en­ter­tain­ment lo­ca­tions where you ba­si­cal­ly hook your­self in­to a Ma­trix thing and de­sign your own world.

Nev­er fin­ished that sto­ry, but ev­er since I saw the first five of min­utes of Ready Play­er One, I got this feel­ing, that vir­tu­al re­al­i­ty will en­able us to make that sto­ry a re­al­i­ty some day.

I think We­b­VR/We­bXR is kind of en­abling some­thing like this. You can build your own “World” so to speak. You can vis­it oth­er Worlds. How about Web World in­stead of Web­site.

Writ­ten in 10 min­utes, ed­it­ed in 5 min­utes.